5 Ways Having a Managed Backup Can Protect Your Business From Ransomware

No business is immune to data loss. One way to protect your business from costly data breaches is to back up your data regularly, either on-site or through a managed backup service. Over 90% of companies who lack a backup plan and suffer a data compromise from a disaster go out of business within 12 months. By having a copy of your data stored in a secure place, you can quickly restore it if it’s ever lost or damaged.

Backing up your data isn’t just important in case of a disaster that erases that data, though. It’s also crucial in case of ransomware attacks. Ransomware encrypts all the files on an infected computer, preventing access to them until a hefty sum is paid. If you have a recent backup of your files, you can simply restore them from the server or a managed backup service and avoid paying the ransom demand.

In 2021, less than 10% of companies were able to recover all of their data following a ransomware attack. As cybercriminals become more stealthy with their tactics, increased cybersecurity measures are necessary. We’ll discuss why hiring a managed IT provider can be beneficial for keeping your business protected.

Benefits of Having a Managed Backup Service in Place

Most businesses understand the importance of backing up their data, but many still don’t have a plan in place for doing so. Backing up your data is one of the most important things you can do to protect your business from ransomware attacks and other forms of data loss.

But simply having a backup isn’t enough—you need to make sure that your backup is actually recoverable in the event of an emergency. That’s where a managed service provider like AIS comes in.

1. Peace of Mind – Knowing that your data is being backed up by a professional team gives you peace of mind and assurance that your data is secure, even in the event of a natural disaster or data breach.

2. Cost-Effective – With a managed service, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them. There’s no need to invest in costly on-site hardware or software or dedicate in-house staff to manage the backups.

3. Scalable – As your business grows and changes, your backup needs will change too. A managed IT service can allow your company to scale up or down to meet your needs, making sure you’re always protected.

4. Increased Security – Since managed service providers have years of experience in protecting data, they know how to secure your backups against cyberattacks and other threats. Your data is stored off-site in a secure location. This protects your data from on-site disasters like fires or floods.

5. Ease of Use – Most managed backup services handle your entire IT infrastructure, alleviating the need for your own technical expertise or training to set up your systems.

If you’re not already using a managed backup service, now is the time to consider doing so. It could save you time and money by preventing cyber security issues and downtime.

AIS Can Help with All of Your Backup Needs

Regularly backing up your business data is one of the most important things you can do to protect your company from cyberattacks and data loss. AIS has years of experience in protecting data and can help you set up a secure backup solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our managed backup and disaster recovery services.

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