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Hardware Procurement & Licensing

At AIS, we help you make the best decisions concerning the type and brand of hardware and licensing you need. We actively maintain relationships with major IT suppliers and certified engineers that allow us to provide top-quality hardware and licensing services. Additionally, we’re always researching, vetting and developing relationships with new partners to ensure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies.

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Simplify Decision Making

Hardware We Offer

We take the stress out of making pivotal hardware decisions by getting to know your company and needs, weighing the options for you, and providing you with the solutions that will best serve those needs.

  • Servers
  • Security appliances
  • Storage
  • Wireless
  • Switching
  • Desktops/laptops/tablets
Leverage Our Experience

Experts in Hardware Procurement

We’re industry experts when it comes to procuring hardware for your business. Tasking us with fulfilling your hardware and licensing needs instead of taking the process on yourself can help you:

Instead of spending hours or days researching solutions we already understand, you can rely on our expertise to outline the best hardware and licensing options for your business.

We have long-lasting relationships with trusted partners, which allows us to get you the highest quality products at better prices. We also save you money upfront by helping you avoid hardware and licensing agreements that don’t properly align with your business’s scope.

Even after doing thorough research, it’s likely the solutions you find won’t be tailored to your specific industry requirements. We have decades of experience in hardware procurement for small to mid-size businesses in healthcare, construction, law, and more, and with that expertise, we provide you with options that best align with your unique needs and regulatory compliance standards.

You don’t want to make an investment in hardware or licensing only to outgrow it as your company expands. We help you achieve scalability from the start by recommending equipment and solutions that match your projections for the future.

How it works

Our Licensing & Procurement Process

Your Hardware Procurement & Licensing Partner

Your hardware should be a long-lasting component of your office or workspace, so choosing equipment is a significant investment. Who better to help you with such an important decision than a company with years of experience in successfully providing businesses with reliable hardware?

At AIS, we help you evaluate your existing equipment, the type of equipment best suited to your needs, the brands that are most reliable, the hardware that will give you the best ROI, and the equipment that will give you room for future growth—all at a competitive price.

High-Quality Hardware & Licensing Guaranteed

We partner with trusted vendors who provide the highest quality hardware and service-level agreements on the market today. Our long-standing relationships with the best manufacturers in the industry help us get you top-of-the-line products at outstanding prices.

Here are just some of our preferred partners, but we can help with just about any IT hardware procurement and a variety of licensing:

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