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IT Consulting

With decades of cross-industry experience in IT consulting for SMB and enterprise-level IT, AIS provides personalized, best-in-class digital solutions to organizations, users, and customers. We help our clients resolve their most critical technology challenges and adopt digital technology that improves productivity, efficiency, workflow, interoperability, profitability, and customer outcomes.

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Why Choose AIS?

It can be difficult to maintain a competitive advantage in a tech-driven business landscape when you’re continually dealing with a backlog of IT projects, daily technology challenges, or outdated software and applications. AIS solves these issues by integrating IT into your overarching company strategy so you can take full advantage of your technology to increase your revenue and grow your business.

Our consulting services provide immediate value to your organization by giving you access to advanced technology expertise. With our decades of experience and unique focus on top-notch customer service, we are well-positioned to deliver the best in IT for your business, with customized solutions tailored to your specific company operations at the forefront.

Planning & Strategy

Whether your goal is to use technology to reduce costs or to increase value by enabling your workforce to focus on higher-value tasks (or both), we identify design, deliver, and automate IT solutions to achieve those goals. We help you use digital technologies and capabilities to deliver on changing workforce and customer expectations.

Gain Efficiency and Productivity

System Optimization

Over time, as your organization has grown, you’ve likely added new technologies to your IT stack. As a result, you may find yourself with a variety of disparate tools, platforms, and software. You may also not be maximizing the use of your existing investments. At AIS, we look at the whole picture and help you identify ways to consolidate and/or optimize IT systems.

How System Optimization Can Benefit You:

Your company may have the latest, most advanced technology solutions available, but you may not be fully maximizing their utility. AIS can help you analyze your current IT spend and identify ways to reduce spend and get maximum use from your current investments.

We understand the frustration that can come with trying to connect new technology with your existing infrastructure. We deliver high-quality, sustainable integrations that reduce inefficiencies between programs and streamline your processes.

Optimizing your current IT environment may mean consolidating applications, swapping out hardware for better visibility and easier management, implementing features not currently being used, or training management or end-users on application functionality. We help you use IT to be more efficient and productive.

Once your IT environment and systems are operating at maximum utilization and all the right pieces are in the right places, scaling your business becomes much easier. Creating scalable IT infrastructure allows you to cost-effectively manage your business growth.

Embrace Emerging Technologies

Cloud Services

Your business is most likely already using some applications hosted in the cloud (e.g., Microsoft Office 365 or Google Cloud). Cloud environments are scalable, reliable, and highly available.

Whether you’re new to cloud services or you’re looking to cloud computing to drive efficiency or create cost savings, we can help guide you on that journey. Read more about our Cloud Services here:

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Be Prepared

Risk Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We know the crushing impact that a technology crisis can have on a business. From system outages and natural disasters to breaches and data leaks, we’ve seen it all. That’s why we are confident in our ability to assess, diagnose, and improve your systems before a crisis even begins.

When it comes to strategizing a business continuity plan, one size does not fit all. We build personalized continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure maximum up-time and minimal business impact in the event of an unexpected disruption.

  1. We prepare your technology to perform at its best through infrastructure design, monitoring, and ongoing assessments.
  2. We identify your areas of risk, compare that to your risk tolerance, and advise on the appropriate solutions.
  3. We establish a cybersecurity plan within your company that includes penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, and risk analysis monitoring.
  4. We help you map out your mitigation plan and restoration process.
  1. In the event of a crisis, we work side-by-side with you and your IT vendors during the restoration process.
  2. We provide on-site support to work with you in-person throughout the process.

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