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AIS is “All In to Serve,” so you can rest assured that with us, you’ll get a team dedicated to helping your business succeed. Whatever your technology needs may be, we are here to satisfy them with uniquely tailored services just for you.

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Manage and Monitor

Managed Services

We feel strongly that all organizations should have access to advanced technology solutions, whether to increase security, reduce downtime, or save money. At AIS, we provide these advanced solutions as part of our managed IT services, accompanied with the highest level of support so we can meet your expectations and help you grow.

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Protect and Stay Compliant


AIS helps you manage your cybersecurity with optimal efficiency and quality. We offer the best security solutions for your organization, no matter your size, industry, or current security maturity.

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Get Expert Advice

IT Consulting

With decades of cross-industry experience in IT consulting for SMB and enterprise-level IT, AIS provides personalized, best-in-class digital solutions to organizations, users, and customers. We help our clients resolve their most critical technology challenges and adopt digital technology that improves productivity, efficiency, workflow, interoperability, profitability, and customer outcomes.

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Scale Efficiently

Cloud Solutions

In today’s digitally dependent business landscape, businesses are modernizing their computing with mass migrations to the cloud. Whether your company is seeking to leverage scalable storage capabilities, increase datacenter capacity, or facilitate remote work, AIS’s managed cloud solutions are the perfect fit.

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Effectively Manage IT Spend

Hardware Procurement & Licensing

At AIS, we help you make the best decisions concerning the type and brand of hardware and licensing you need. We actively maintain relationships with major IT suppliers and certified engineers that allow us to provide top-quality hardware and licensing services. Additionally, we’re always researching, vetting and developing relationships with new partners to ensure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies.

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