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Cloud Solutions

For businesses seeking to achieve modernization through cloud computing, AIS provides cloud solutions that will first and foremost align with your business goals. We act as your business partner by offering unique cloud strategies for your company while allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

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Business Advantages with AIS Cloud Solutions

Plan your cloud strategy


We prepare your business for cloud migration, consulting your business on which workloads would benefit from a shift to the cloud, when you’ll need upgrades, and how best to use cloud resources at a cost-effective price.

Embrace emerging technologies

Data & Analytics

Whether you’re dealing with siloed, difficult-to-access, or untrustworthy data, AIS is here to inform your data-driven decisions. We employ strategic methods to help your business take advantage of data and analytics tools in the cloud to help alleviate data issues in your organization.

Your Success is Our Success

We are focused on helping our clients succeed. With each new relationship we form, we work to understand your specific business needs, challenges, and risks to determine the right solutions for you. 

Our team of experts tailor recommendations for cloud solutions and emerging technologies, and we help you deploy solutions that establish secure architecture for all your cloud operations.

Secure your cloud

Security & Compliance

To keep your cloud operations secure against growing threats, we manage your regulatory compliance, governance, and data control needs. With our decades of experience in security, we take a multi-layered approach to fully protect your data in the cloud.

Transform Your Cloud

Cloud Natives & DevOps

AIS helps your business undergo a DevOps transformation by outlining modernization values and practices designed to improve business results. By integrating automation, measurement systems, and enhanced organizational structure, we help you establish a stronger company culture and improve collaboration across all departments.

Why Partner with AIS?

AIS has become a trusted cloud provider for thousands of organizations’ workloads. With a focus on cloud best practices and security, we implement multi-layered plans for cloud migration and management that protect your data and keep your company running efficiently.

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