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There are very few sectors that have to cater to people from ages 6 to 60, but if you work in education, you know what we’re talking about. From the kindergarten classroom to the superintendent’s office, managed IT support will ensure everyone’s success.

IT support for schools have to encompass many different types of software and infrastructure. And it’s not just about keeping things running—educational institutions have to innovate and keep up with the latest trends to give their students the best possible education. That’s where managed IT comes in.

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IT Support for Education

Do you feel like your network connection is subpar, or that you live with the constant threat of a cybersecurity attack around the corner? Students, schools, and district offices need the best that IT has to offer to focus on their important goal: learning.

At AIS, we understand the specific needs of the education sector. That’s why we offer:

We know that your day doesn’t follow the typical 9-5, which is why we offer an on-call number for any major issues. If your server goes down at 6:00 a.m., we are working on the solution before the school day even starts.

Whether it’s synchronizing the different devices your educators use or protecting your students from phishing emails, AIS will create a unique strategy for every user. We get to know the needs of your organization and create a cutting-edge plan for simple technology use, in-depth data protection, and proactive compliance.

Cyberattacks and disasters caused by user error aren’t going away. Mistakes happen—AIS is there to jump into action and recover your most important data. For education, there’s no coming back from losing curriculum, students’ work and information, or funding data. Managed IT can create and implement a recovery plan that will help you bounce back from a disaster in no time.

With AIS as your managed IT service provider, we can help you take advantage of all the cloud has to offer. Data security, easy access to information, and cost-effective storage are all available with expert cloud management.

With remote or hybrid learning, gamification, machine learning, and more, we can see that the landscape of education has changed rapidly in the last few years and is not slowing down. That’s why AIS keeps up on the latest trends and changes so we can take care of the technology while you focus on what you do best: educating the future generation.

Why you should partner with AIS for Education IT Services

To help schools make the most of their technology investments, we provide expert planning and design services to help you choose the right tools for the job. When you partner with AIS, you can expect:

Lower costs

Hiring, training, and managing an in-house IT team can be very expensive—especially when you have multiple locations that need to be serviced. AIS provides transparent price packages that give you a consistent monthly price for all your technology needs. We’re all about saving you money, time, and stress.

Less downtime

Nobody wants wasted time because of a network failure or inefficient hardware. With AIS, you’ll always have experts taking care of all aspects of your IT infrastructure, from planning through implementation and monitoring. We proactively look for issues in your systems that may be causing unnecessary downtime or slowing down your operations, so you can do your best work.

Customized support

We handle all upgrading and updates that are required for your hardware, software, and systems to operate properly. Technology solutions evolve quickly, so we make it a priority to strategize your technology to align with your organization’s short- and long-term objectives. Rather than simple, one-size-fits-all solutions, you’ll receive the individualized care you want and need.

Funding help

There are grants available for organizations in the education sector and AIS understands the rules and regulations that come with those programs. We want you to have the service you need for a price that works, so you can trust us to help you get everything you want and nothing you can’t afford.

Interested in managed IT support from AIS?

Technology changes rapidly—it’s why so many schools and districts turn to managed IT services providers for help in deploying, managing, and securing the technology they need. Our expert solution providers at AIS would be the perfect addition to your IT plan—contact us today for a free consultation.

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