Why You Should Have a Cyber Incident Response Plan

The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly shifting. Businesses must continually evolve security strategies in order to guard against targeted hacking and insider data breaches. However, you cannot rely on prevention alone. The unfortunate reality is that, even with the best preventative security measures in place, organizations should anticipate some kind of breach occurring at some time. Rather than relying solely on preemptive security—and then scrambling when a breach occurs—it is imperative to create a strong cyber incident response plan so that your business is prepared for any security issues.

Plan Your Data Breach Response

When a data breach occurs, the goal is to contain the damage and remediate the situation as efficiently as possible. This is not the time for debating a course of action. It is important to fully plan your counter-attack in case of a data breach. Your organization should have mapped out procedures in place for the various response teams. Practice the plan in order to measure response time and effectiveness. Reevaluate the plan regularly to be sure that it is as streamlined and potent as possible. Building a strong incident response plan in advance will allow you to respond as quickly as possible when the time comes—limiting the damage to your organization as much as possible.

IT Managed Services Incident Response

Security breaches and attacks bring chaos and confusion. A cyber incident response plan removes uncertainty from the situation, resolves problems and restores systems as soon as possible. Don’t leave your business vulnerable and unprepared. If you have no cyber incident response plan in place, it may be time to consider upgrading to IT managed services. As a Managed Services Provider, AIS implements effective incident response plans for our partners. Our six step incident response plan allows us to resolve security breaches while limiting damage and minimizing recovery time and costs. Start the conversation today to put a plan in place.

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