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Cloud Security: Are You Protected?

Posted on 12/13/2018 in IT Consulting

Due to the dynamic structure of the cloud, and its ease of deployment in a shared IT infrastructure, security is of paramount concern. You need to put cloud security, reliability, governance and data control near the top of your list of priorities.

Without proper cloud security for your shared IT infrastructure, you run the risk of having valuable data hacked and being unable to access the data you need. In today’s market, going without a comprehensive cloud security solution isn’t an option.

The Attributes of a Secure Cloud

Proper cloud security starts with trusted software and ateam of IT experts to handle your IT needs. Those two factors enable you to continuously monitor your cloud data, meet security best practices and stay up to date with compliance requirements.

There are many options when it comes to cloud security, and you need to make sure you choose a solution that will meet your needs. If you’re unsure where to start with cloud security, look for solutions that provide the following:

  • An assessment and security strategy.
  • Cloud visibility with tailored reporting.
  • Compliance with industry requirements.
  • Robust identity and access management for users.
  • Management of logins and logouts.
  • Workload isolation through micro-segmentation.
  • Patch management that’s both rigorous and automated.
  • High-quality malware and virus protection.
  • Constant intrusion detection.
  • Forensic event monitoring and analysis in real-time.
  • Monitoring or file integrity.
  • Recurring vulnerability assessments.
  • High-quality data encryption and key management.

At AIS, we work directly with our clients to ensure their cloud security is up to snuff. We have a shared responsibility approach to protecting your infrastructure, applications and data. That gives our clients peace of mind and lets them handle other important parts of their job.

Are you concerned about your infrastructure’s cloud security? Contact AIS today to have your cloud security needs assessed and solutions prescribed.

AIS “Footprint” Change & Business Growth Excitement

Posted on 11/14/2018 in IT Consulting

We are proud to share that the Apex Infinite Solution’s office has changed locations. As of October 15, 2018 our new home is conveniently located on Meridian St. We’ve included the address below for your convenience:

8801 N Meridian St #209
Indianapolis, IN 46260
317-820-2497  (more…)

The Importance of a Flexible IT Firm

Posted on 11/14/2018 in IT Consulting

In small and medium-sized businesses, things move fast. Leaders of businesses this size know that changes occur quickly across the board and that you and your partners and vendors need to be able to react.

Fast changes can spell disaster for your IT infrastructure unless you have an IT consulting firm that’s as flexible as you are. If you don’t, you may run into a situation where your consulting firm isn’t ready to help you when you need them most.  (more…)

5 Signs You Need to Hire an IT Consultant

Posted on 10/16/2018 in Consulting

Growing businesses need their IT infrastructure to grow with them, but as time goes on and your business progresses, it’s hard to determine when it’s time to upgrade. Luckily, there are signs that can indicate you need to upgrade the system your business runs on.

In everyday work, these signs can come up without you realizing it. These struggles may seem inconsequential or like just part of the workday. However, if they happen regularly, or in some cases more than once, you need to think about having someone in to assess your IT infrastructure and prescribe a solution.  (more…)

The Value of an IT Consultant Over an IT Guy

Posted on 10/16/2018 in Consulting

Have you experienced multiple IT issues in the last year? Is the presence of an IT person at your business a common sight? If so, then, you may want to consider a wider-reaching approach to solving your IT woes. Consider hiring an IT consultant instead of just bringing in the IT ‘guy.’ Here’s why.  (more…)

8 Signs Your Business Needs a Network Assessment

Posted on 07/18/2018 in IT Consulting

A network assessment is an in-depth analysis of all network components. An IT consultant will examine every element of your technological environment to gain a detailed picture of your IT organization and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your network. With this information, the consultant can then create and present a plan to make more efficient and effective use of your resources, budget and technology.

A network assessment is a vital starting point for eliminating IT issues and aligning technology with your business goals. But how do you know if you need such a intensive analysis? The following are 8 common pain points that indicate a need for a network assessment. (more…)

3 Step Process to Improve Cybersecurity

Posted on 07/18/2018 in IT Consulting

Cyber crime is an industry that is growing steadily and growing daily. These heightened threats do not just affect giant corporations; small and medium-sized businesses are equally at risk. Additionally, the costs of breaches are higher for smaller operations. As these attacks escalate, businesses of all sizes and across all industries are prioritizing cybersecurity. At AIS, we feel there is essentially a three-step process to improve cybersecurity efforts: assess, plan and execute. (more…)

The Value of a Network Assessment

Posted on 07/03/2018 in IT Consulting

If you have read any of AIS’s previous content, you know that we are not fans of the break/fix approach to IT. With break/fix, you wait for an IT issue to occur before hiring someone to resolve that issue. There are two key problems with break/fix: first, there is no incentive to gain any thorough understanding of the network or underlying issues, and second, the approach is reactive. Essentially, break/fix is like putting a band-aid on an infection—ineffective. A network assessment presents a alternative to the break/fix approach. With a network assessment, an IT consultant can look below the surface, identify underlying problems and solve those problems proactively. (more…)

Fight Cybersecurity Issues With Education and Compliance Management

Posted on 07/03/2018 in IT Consulting

Putting a cybersecurity strategy into practice requires the efforts of every member of your organization. The problem is convincing your employees of this. A recent Tech Pro Research report shows that 58% of respondents found that the most difficult aspect of implementing a cybersecurity strategy is employee compliance. This response is troubling because a risk-aware culture is your first line of defense, and your cybersecurity strategy is only as strong as the weakest link. (more…)

5 Cloud Backup Myths

Posted on 05/21/2018 in IT Consulting

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, What Exactly Is The Cloud, “the cloud” is a nebulous concept that often causes confusion. Because of this, unsurprisingly, there are commonly-held misconceptions about cloud backup and how it works. The goal of this blog post is to dispel some of these pervasive myths and shed some light on cloud backup as a business tool. (more…)

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