OneDrive vs SharePoint: What’s the Difference?

onedrive vs sharepoint

OneDrive and SharePoint are two separate Microsoft applications that can greatly benefit both large and small businesses. But understanding the differences of each, how their capabilities complement each other, and whether your business needs these tools can be daunting. Here, we’ll discuss the differences between OneDrive vs SharePoint and the features of each application, helping […]

Managing Team Collaboration With Microsoft Teams

team collaboration

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to create seamless communication across teams and employees, you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft Teams makes businesses of all sizes more effective using real-time cloud-based communication.  With its 115 million users worldwide across 500,000 organizations, it might be time to learn why this software is […]

Kennethia Chapple Recognized as Champion Customer Experience Award Winner by Mid-States MSDC

AIS's Kennethia Chapple promoted to Account Executive

AIS is pleased to announce our Operations Manager, Kennethia Chapple, has been recognized by Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council (Mid-States MSDC) as the Champion Customer Experience Award Winner. Mid-States MSDC’s mission is to accelerate economic growth by driving opportunities and collaboration between corporations and minority businesses. Awards were presented at the “Meet Us At The […]

Reduce Risk With Vulnerability Management

There are hundreds of cybersecurity solutions on the market, but many are vague when it comes to explaining how exactly they are improving the security of your IT infrastructure.  Fortunately, there is a clear cybersecurity solution that could save your company from debilitating threats. Here’s why your company should invest in vulnerability management. What Cybersecurity […]

Can Employee Security Awareness Training Help With Compliance

Security awareness training for employees is critical for businesses striving to prevent employee error from contributing to cybersecurity threats. It’s also vitally important for many of the cybersecurity regulations your business may be required to comply with.  What Is Security Awareness Training? Security awareness training is strategic education intended to familiarize employees, especially professionals working […]

Is Data Truly Protected in the Cloud?

With data breaches and cyberattacks on the rise, many businesses are addressing cybersecurity issues and investing in new ways to secure their data. But what about the cloud?  Most modern companies have invested heavily in cloud computing and are moving more and more of their workloads there. But is data truly protected in the cloud, […]

How Having a Diverse Company Culture Improves Cybersecurity

In a world where the cybersecurity sector is more competitive than ever, it’s essential to stay ahead of emerging trends. Diversity in your workplace will make your company more robust and better prepared for any possible threats that come your way.  In this blog post, we discuss how diversity within a company can be achieved […]

How Has New Technology Affected the Modern Workplace?

how technology has changed the modern workplace

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “Change is the only constant in life.” That’s certainly held true in the business world; technology has been evolving the workplace for decades, and there hasn’t been a bigger change in recent years than the push to remote work spurred by COVID-19. Major factors in driving business change are […]

Best Security Practices to Protect Your Remote Workforce

remote security tips

Do you know if your remote workforce is secure? October is Cybersecurity Awareness month—the perfect reminder to evaluate your security!  In the panic to get ready for remote work as quickly as possible during COVID-19, many organizations focused solely on getting the essentials up and running. Unfortunately, that means they may have forgotten to reevaluate […]

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