5 Reasons to Switch to Managed Security

Today’s ever-evolving security landscape can be incredibly intimidating. Now more than ever, organizations face the heightened threat of serious breaches against limited IT resources and inadequate defenses. Managed security services provide small to mid-sized businesses with much-needed security resources at affordable costs. Consider the following 5 reasons to make the switch to managed security.

Why You Should Have a Cyber Incident Response Plan

The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly shifting. Businesses must continually evolve security strategies in order to guard against targeted hacking and insider data breaches. However, you cannot rely on prevention alone. The unfortunate reality is that, even with the best preventative security measures in place, organizations should anticipate some kind of breach occurring at some […]

Office 365 Migration Services: Common Pitfalls

Microsoft Office 365 offers compelling benefits, and many are making the switch. Though worth the hassle, the transition to Office 365 is involved and complex. Businesses must craft detailed plans as to how to fit the service to their specific needs. Such a move requires research, planning and preparation. Unfortunately, many businesses attempt to migrate […]

Microsoft Office 365 Migration: Teams Communications

Microsoft has a new vision for intelligent communications in the business world. This vision centers around Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365. Microsoft Teams is a single hub for teamwork in the cloud-based service: bringing together conversations, meetings, files, Office apps and third-party integrations. Teamwork, collaboration and communication are vital to any business organization. Microsoft […]

Office WiFi Too Slow? Here’s How To Fix It

Most businesses use WiFi to provide Internet access for employees and guests. If your business is among them, your organization’s efficiency and productivity are in many ways dependent on your WiFi speed. There’s nothing more frustrating than slow WiFi, especially when it hinders business growth. If you are struggling with chronically slow WiFi, this blog […]


More businesses are living by the BYOD policy — bring your own device to work. Increased mobility is a business trend that is gaining momentum and for good reason. Cloud-based technology allows professionals to access information and materials on any device with an Internet connection. This allows workers incredible flexibility and increased productivity. Additionally, businesses […]