How to Prepare Your Business for Cyber Threats During the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate, and cyber threats are becoming a more serious problem—not just for companies in both nations, but also for those who offer help. You might be thinking that there would be no reason for an international cybercriminal to target your SMB. But what about the large corporations that […]

5 Key Areas Your Business Should Automate

How much time do you think your company spends organizing files, entering data, or even just answering basic customer questions? If you’re like most business owners, the answer is “too much.” With automation, you could save your employees between 10 and 50% of the time they usually spend on manual tasks without sacrificing quality or […]

Everything You Need to Know for a Successful SharePoint Migration

completing sharepoint migration on mac computer

SharePoint is a highly-configurable collaborative business platform and workflow tool, and can do much more than simply document management. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of SharePoint, especially those who have remote teams. When your company successfully implements a migration to SharePoint, you’ll see increased system productivity, experience better communication between your employees, and have […]

Password Policy Best Practices For Increased Security

graphic of man updating password policies

Modern businesses need to have a strong password policy in place to prevent compromised accounts and potential data breaches. Password policies exist to ensure that all employees within a company use strong login credentials and change them periodically. Without rules in place, companies are putting their data at risk for theft or exploitation. Let’s take […]

Penetration Testing Vs Vulnerability Testing: What’s the Difference?

penetration testing

Cybersecurity is a top priority for business owners across all industries. Testing is a huge aspect of maintaining secure systems, including both penetration testing and vulnerability testing. But what is the purpose of each, and how do they differ? Here’s what you need to know. What Is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing is the practice of […]

Tip Guide: Is Your Business Prepared for Evolving Phishing Scams?

phishing tips, man on computer

Phishing scams are notorious for being one of the most effective ways for “threat actors” (or hackers) to steal valuable information. The motivation behind this type of attack is that it’s quick, easy, and can net a significant amount of money through very little effort. Threat actors have historically used an evolving variety of phishing […]

How Seriously Is Your Business Taking Cybersecurity?


The cybersecurity breaches that make headlines mention large companies because of the sheer number of people affected. Yet hackers know that small and medium-sized businesses are the true target because they are far less likely than their larger counterparts to invest in cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity Threat Is Real for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses If you […]

5 Efficient Tips For Using Microsoft Teams

team using Microsoft Teams

Online meetings have become a feature of working life in the last two years. Apart from business meetings they are used for webinars and collaboration across teams and organizations.  As Microsoft Teams and similar cloud-based tools become an integral part of the working day for many people, here are five tips for making the most […]

2021 Cybersecurity Review: Biggest Breaches of the Year

server room being hacked

The pandemic has driven more businesses online‚—and has created a hotbed of cybersecurity breaches. By October 2021, the number of breaches surpassed 2020’s entire count by 17 percent. Three of the biggest cybersecurity breaches of 2021 show how hackers compromised the identity of millions (or even billions)—and how businesses can defend against the rising probability […]

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