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Managed IT is no longer just for big companies. AIS proudly offers customized, innovative solutions and support to countless businesses across Indiana and the midwest.

Managed IT isn’t just for big companies any longer.

Businesses rely on technology every day to complete processes efficiently and effectively. But when that technology isn’t working properly, the consequences can be not only timely but costly. That’s why AIS offers a faster route to tech solutions with our proactive Help Desk feature. When a problem arises, don’t waste time on the phone with support or try to fix the problem yourself. AIS IT Pros know your network and devices and are monitoring them 24/7, working to find a solution as soon as an issue arises. Don’t let troublesome technology waste your time or money. Get faster solutions from trusted professionals with the AIS In-House Help Desk.

AIS believes that with power comes responsibility. As your business grows and evolves, SOC audits become increasingly important. AIS assures compliance with all SOC policies and procedures, and our extensive knowledge with the audit process allows us to help every step of the way. Your customer data, as well as your own, is always secure and handled ethically. And reporting for all IT solutions is provided.


“We have found AIS to be a dependable partner that fully understands what our needs & challenges are today and where we need to go in the future. Their facilitation of network upgrades and backup systems has made our infrastructure more reliable and as a result, our people are more productive.”

Steve F.

Boston, MA

AIS truly has the customers best interest in mind when it comes to the functionality of their computer systems, and make timely recommendations for improving the overall health of the computer network.”

Jim P. Indianapolis, IN

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