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AIS offers the best IT services for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms throughout Indiana. Here’s how our managed IT and security services can meet your specific needs for mobility, security, and productivity.

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The Importance of Technology in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Organizations in the AEC industry stand a lot to gain by embracing digital transformation—and they also risk facing some of the heaviest losses if they fall behind in keeping IT systems up to date and adopting new technologies.

Every modern business relies on safe and effective IT services, but some industries need specialized care. Architecture, engineering, and construction firms have unique IT needs ranging from security and accessibility over multiple locations to process optimization, accuracy, and scalability.

Digital transformation in these spaces means implementing solutions that allow firms to gain access to accurate data more quickly and securely. Providing technology solutions that allow office-based employees, field-based employees and contractors to be more productive and collaborative enables firms to stay on budget, on timeline, and to deliver great end results for their customers.

Conversely, with antiquated IT systems and support, AEC firms risk not only a loss in productivity and accuracy of data, but also risk security breaches. More than 75% of construction and engineering businesses report experiencing a cyber incident within the last year, and construction companies are among the most likely of any industry to pay ransoms after a ransomware attack—with the average ransom totaling over $170K.

As one of the top technology solutions providers for AEC companies, AIS understands these needs and provides practical answers for this key industry.

How Are Technology Needs Unique in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry?

In order to execute projects accurately and on time, organizations in this industry have specific technology needs. Some essential IT functions for any AEC business include:

  • Highly targeted cyber attacks, especially through email, that target customer payment information, bid data, or intellectual property.
  • Low technology adoption that leaves data unsecured due to out-of-date systems and limited user knowledge of secure practices.
  • Shared resources across decentralized IT systems that introduce vulnerabilities.
  • Contractors who access networks and systems for limited periods of time, typically requiring ease of access that, if not managed and monitored closely, can “leave doors open” to your systems.
  • High mobile dependency, which requires advanced security for a range of devices and networks.

How AIS Can Help Your AEC Firm with Winning IT Services

Still wondering what impact IT can make on your firm? Our IT services offer tangible, results-driven benefits that impact your processes and capabilities on a daily basis. Our comprehensive managed IT services for architecture, engineering, and construction firms radically improve your company’s operations by:

  • Accelerating business cycles with tools that can shorten response times to proposals, project execution, and billing cycles.
  • Reducing vulnerability rates and attack surfaces through security assessments and implementation of advanced security products and services.
  • Offering secure mobile device management, which enables more mobility, decreases downtime, and enhances control and visibility.
  • Introducing cloud solutions that save you money and increase flexibility, scalability, and accessibility.

Our Process

AIS is dedicated to providing enhanced IT services for businesses in the architecture, engineering, and construction field. Our experience in working in these spaces and with related companies allows us to bring you reliable and secure IT solutions. When you work with us, your business receives:

  • A complete evaluation of your current IT systems and development of strategic roadmaps that make your organization more productive, scalable and secure.
  • Security awareness training for your team, vulnerability scans and pen testing, managed threat detection, and network security implementations.
  • Cloud solutions, including Microsoft implementations and migrating legacy systems (e.g., ERP systems) to the cloud.
  • Network solutions that give you more uptime, better business continuity and more reliable back-up solutions.
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AIS’s managed IT services for AEC and related industries free you from technology, security, and productivity worries.

AIS understands that our clients need increased mobility, process improvement, and reliable IT infrastructure, and we’re here to provide the most trustworthy solutions. Contact us today to learn how our IT services for AEC businesses can benefit your company’s bottom line.

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