The Value of an IT Consultant Over an IT Guy

Have you experienced multiple IT issues in the last year? Is the presence of an IT person at your business a common sight? If so, then, you may want to consider a wider-reaching approach to solving your IT woes. Consider hiring an IT consultant instead of just bringing in the IT ‘guy.’ Here’s why. 

Focused on the Root Problem

Do you want someone who can simply fix the IT issue at hand, or do you want someone who will be willing to get down to the true problem and solve issues for months or years to come? An IT consultant is the latter. Consultants can do a lot more for your business than just make small adjustments and tweaks to your IT infrastructure. They can evaluate and recommend changes that will be integral in your continued success and growth. Having a traditional IT person on call can be helpful for small issues that pop up along the way, but that employee or contract worker often doesn’t look at the big picture. Instead of getting to the root cause of an issue, they may focus on a quick or small fix that allows you to carry on. If you want to make serious investments in your future and eliminate some possible issues, an IT consultant is the way to go.

Hands-on Approach to IT Success

Many IT specialists live, more or less, in their own world. That world is one that people without IT expertise don’t understand well. As a result, they tend to seem detached, aloof, or confusing. IT consulting is different. The point of the consulting is to show business owners and other high-level personnel the need for changes and adjustments. This means showing what changes can actually do for the business, and that requires a hands-on approach. A good IT consultant will work closely with their clients to help them understand technology and the concepts behind that technology.

Understanding of Your Needs and Goals

As somewhat of an extension of working closely with a client, IT consultants also work to understand your needs and goals. What are you focused on in the immediate future? Where do you want the business to be in a few years? By understanding the needs and goals of a business, an IT consultant can help make recommendations that are designed to move a business towards those goals. At AIS, we’re invested in your success. Our capabilities go well beyond that of a single IT person you either hired on contract or to your staff. Due to our small and dedicated staff, we can offer a flexible, hands-on approach for each and every company we work with. Contact us today to see how we can help you.
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