The Value of a Network Assessment

If you have read any of AIS’s previous content, you know that we are not fans of the break/fix approach to IT. With break/fix, you wait for an IT issue to occur before hiring someone to resolve that issue. There are two key problems with break/fix: first, there is no incentive to gain any thorough understanding of the network or underlying issues, and second, the approach is reactive. Essentially, break/fix is like putting a band-aid on an infection—ineffective. A network assessment presents a alternative to the break/fix approach. With a network assessment, an IT consultant can look below the surface, identify underlying problems and solve those problems proactively.

What a network assessment does

A network assessment is an in-depth analysis of all network components. The analysis looks at every aspect of your technological environment—both the visible and the invisible—to determine the efficiency of your IT. A network assessment:

  • Evaluates technological and environmental changes
  • Identifies security vulnerabilities, bandwidth bottlenecks, underused and overused resources
  • Defines what is working, what isn’t working and why
  • Determines whether or not IT is growing your business
  • Analyzes the effectiveness of IT spending
  • Provides necessary insight for short-term and long-term IT planning

When to undergo a network assessment

If you do not have a clear picture of your IT operations and/or if you are experiencing chronic IT problems with undefined causes, you should undergo a network assessment. It is also advantageous to complete a network assessment before making any significant changes to your business. Schedule a network assessment:

  • Before creating the annual budget
  • Before an upgrade or expansion
  • Before personnel shifts
  • Before an audit

Prevention is more effective (and less expensive) than cure. Furthermore, a break/fix approach rarely “cures” anything. With the growing complexities of technology, a network assessment is a vital starting point to gain a full picture of your IT and act from a place of knowledge. As an IT consultant, AIS can offer expertise and provide unbiased input. With the information collected from a network assessment, AIS will recommend immediate and long-term changes to eliminate issues, make efficient use of your budget and redistribute resources more effectively. We expertly analyze IT landscapes, assess organizational problems and realign technology with your business strategy. Contact AIS today to schedule your assessment.

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