Protect Your Data: Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Data is an essential component of your business. Your data is valuable, and the loss of it would be incredibly costly. In order to protect your business from such a loss—through human error, technology failure or natural disaster—it’s critical to implement a reliable backup and recovery system. AIS has the solution with our managed backup and recovery services, featuring VEEAM Software.

VEEAM is a global leader in intelligent data technology. VEEAM software prioritizes hyper-availability, anticipating needs, meeting demands and moving data securely across infrastructures.

VEEAM technology goes beyond what most other solutions can offer. The software uses compression and deduplication to make efficient use of space and minimize data transfer. Backups are automatically encrypted, and these backup services function through a single management console. VEEAM provides active replication within and across data centers for failsafe, rapid recovery capabilities. These capabilities contribute to AIS’s robust, overarching disaster response plan. Through VEEAM Software, AIS offers data solutions for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, as well as services that fit your specific business environment.

Traditional data backup system require organizations to strictly adhere to best practices on their own. AIS’s managed backup and recovery services eliminate those costly and time-consuming responsibilities, expediting those best practices for you. These managed backup and recovery solutions keep pace with your business operations, facilitating innovation and growth.  With VEEAM Software, AIS can create a comprehensive backup and recovery solution, perfectly catered to your organization’s specific needs.

The chief advantage of managed backup and recovery services and VEEAM software is complete business continuity. With these solutions, AIS protects your valuable data and eliminates costly downtime. Our reliable data management services allow your business to keep operations progressing, gain momentum and aggressively pursue growth initiatives without failure or fear to slow you down.

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