Microsoft Office 365 Migration: Teams Communications

Microsoft has a new vision for intelligent communications in the business world. This vision centers around Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365. Microsoft Teams is a single hub for teamwork in the cloud-based service: bringing together conversations, meetings, files, Office apps and third-party integrations. Teamwork, collaboration and communication are vital to any business organization. Microsoft Teams can help facilitate more effective collaboration and communication for your business.

Updated Capabilities

Microsoft Teams is built on a new, modern Skype infrastructure with enterprise-grade voice and video capabilities. These capabilities allows businesses to have higher quality communications experiences. With this cloud-based technology, Teams will continue to adapt overtime, implementing the latest innovations in intelligent communication.

Business Meetings

Using Microsoft Teams as a central hub for communications, applications and files allows for new possibilities in business meetings. Teams will help you prepare for meetings by supplying relevant files and information about the participants beforehand. Conversations during meeting communications can be recorded, transcribed and time coded. Closed captioning and voice recognition capabilities attribute specific remarks to their speakers. After the meeting, the recording, transcript, documents and notes will then be added to the channel so that the entire team can access and review the information.

Features and Enhancements

Microsoft has continued to enhance Teams with features such as scheduled meetings, mobile meetings and Outlook calendar integrations. In addition, Microsoft has expanded interoperability between Teams and Skype for Business, though Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business clients. Participants can also now join Teams meetings simply by dialing a phone number through audio conferencing.

As you consider making the migration to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, Teams and Skype for Business clients can be run side-by-side for comparison. However, Teams’ new and ever-improving capabilities streamline business collaborations, make meetings incredibly productive and will doubtless set the standard for intelligent communications.

Microsoft Teams certainly makes it even more compelling to migrate to Microsoft’s cloud-based service. AIS helps organizations migrate their on-premise Microsoft Office suite to the cloud. We can smooth the entire transition by handling subscription plans, integrating existing services and customizing the Office 365 environment to fit the organization’s specific needs. If you are considering Migrating to Office 365, we can offer you peace of mind and eliminate any issues or inefficiencies that may arise. Whether you are looking for professional assistance or simply have some questions before you start, call us today at 317-820-2497. An AIS representative will happily answer any questions you may have about this transition.

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