5 Reasons to Switch to Managed Security

Today’s ever-evolving security landscape can be incredibly intimidating. Now more than ever, organizations face the heightened threat of serious breaches against limited IT resources and inadequate defenses. Managed security services provide small to mid-sized businesses with much-needed security resources at affordable costs. Consider the following 5 reasons to make the switch to managed security.

Proactive Security

Many small to mid-sized businesses necessarily take a reactive, break/fix approach to security. Without the resources to analyze systems and anticipate breaches, you are forced to wait for issues to occur before you can attempt to fix them. This model is ultimately costly and ineffective. Managed security services implement 24/7 monitoring and support as well as regular security reporting and updating. These services allow you to shift to a proactive cybersecurity approach, diagnosing vulnerabilities and anticipating problems before they take place.

Access to Expertise

Cybersecurity is increasingly complex, and implementing effective security measures requires expertise. As a business owner, you don’t have time to stay abreast of the constantly changing technology landscape. Managed security services allows your organization to benefit from exceptional expertise and knowledge and to enact best security practices without financing an entire highly skilled in-house team.

Access to Technology

In addition to expert knowledge, managed security services give you access to the latest, most effective technological security solutions. A managed security provider oversees your existing IT infrastructure and integrates new technology in order to create a layered, robust defense system.

Cost Control

Managed security services provide your organization with premium security support at a fraction of what it would cost to train, staff and manage an in-house operation. Those funds can then be diverted into other aspects of your business.

Increased Efficiency

A managed security provider takes on the time-consuming, onerous tasks of monitoring and safeguarding your IT infrastructure 24/7. With that responsibility taken off your shoulders, you and your staff can direct your attention to more important things. Focus on growing your business with peace of mind, knowing that your managed security provider is keeping it safe and secure.

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