AIS Launches New Premium Services

In exciting news, AIS recently received the William G. Mays Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award, presented by the Indiana Minority Business Magazine (IMBM) during their 13th Annual Champions of Diversity Awards Dinner. In the entrepreneurial spirit of this incredible honor, AIS has launched two new premium services:

vCIO Premium Services

In today’s growing business economy, companies of all sizes require the executive management and infrastructure oversight provided by a CIO. However, while every business can benefit from a CIO’s services, not every business can afford to employ a new high-level executive. To solve this dilemma, AIS is proud to announce the formation and launch of our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services line of business.

vCIO managed services function in the same way as in-house CIO. They collaborate with management teams, plan IT budgets, execute strategies and manage IT infrastructures at every level; however, vCIOs perform these functions from a remote location with occasional on-site consultations. As a result, vCIOs offer the same executive-level IT support but at a much more affordable cost. Rather than paying the salary of a high-level executive CIO, businesses pay for the monthly services of a vCIO through their managed IT plan. With these services, any business can benefit from unmatched experience, knowledge and support, whenever they need it, at a greatly reduced price.

Managed Security Services

As information technology utilization continues to grow in American business, the threat of cybersecurity breach heightens. Security intelligence is a necessity for businesses trying to assess their threat level and the potential vulnerabilities within their system. Cybersecurity threat data allows you to respond proactively—rather than reactively—to security threats, keeping your network up-to-date with the latest security measures. Threat awareness can help you to protect your business.

AIS has launched a new Managed Security services line of business.  AIS utilizes Managed Security services that serve as an extension of your business’s security operations. Through Managed Security, AIS is able to offer 24/7 security support using the leading industry tools, technology and expertise for a fraction of the cost it would take to staff and manage an in-house operation. Managed Security allows us to offer constant monitoring and protection of your network. You can rest assured, knowing that your business is protected 24/7, 365 days a year.

Through these new developments, AIS is continuing to pursue entrepreneurial excellence in 2018. With vCIO and Managed Security services, we hope to support other organizations as they leverage IT to achieve business goals. Interested in executive-level IT management and leading cybersecurity at affordable costs? Start the conversation with AIS today.

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