5 Benefits of vCIO Services

In large corporations the Chief Information Officer (CIO) manages the IT infrastructure and ensures that technology aligns with and facilitates broader business objectives. Unfortunately, most small to mid-sized organizations cannot afford to finance this full-time, executive position. Luckily, there are ways to effectively leverage technology while controlling costs. Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services offer the same level of executive experience and support, without crippling costs. The following are 5 benefits vCIO services can offer your small to mid-sized business at an affordable price.

Predictable Technology Budgets

A vCIO provides your business with a Technology Roadmap, an analysis of all aspects of technology within your organization. This Roadmap tracks system performances and presents 1-5 year plans, taking into account technology life cycles and goals. This thorough, systematic document allows you to proactively plan for technology costs and to create a predictable budget, eliminating those surprise expenses that can hurt your wallet unexpectedly.

Regular Reports

The Technology Roadmap is not a one-and-done document. A vCIO will set up scheduled, regular reporting that tracks system performances, diagnoses potential vulnerabilities and analyzes the effectiveness of projects. This regular reporting allows you to stay informed regarding your IT infrastructure and to anticipate potential issues. Your vCIO will use this data and their considerable expertise to make calculated plans for your organization’s technology.

Improved Efficiency and Decreased Operations Costs

With vCIO services, you have the support of an entire team of technology experts without all the costs associated with a CIO position (six-figure salary + benefits + bonuses) and a supplementary IT staff. Because a vCIO operates largely remotely, you are freed of those expenses. Those funds can then be diverted into other aspects of your organization. You can focus on growing your business while your vCIO ensures that it is running efficiently.

Proactive Security

Most small to mid-sized businesses are forced to adopt a reactive, break/fix approach to security. This is frustrating, costly and ultimately ineffective. A vCIO allows you to shift to a proactive approach. With technological expertise and managed security services, a vCIO keeps your organization in line with the latest security measures, enforces compliance policies, implements response and recovery plans and anticipates potential issues before they occur.

Hit Business Goals

An effective vCIO doesn’t manage technology in a vacuum. Instead he or she aligns all technological efforts and developments into the broader picture of your organization. A vCIO can offer true leadership and create concrete business plans that leverage technology to achieve tangible objectives. Let your vCIO contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

Interested in executive-level IT management at affordable costs for your small to mid-sized business? AIS has recently launched new premium vCIO services. Reach out to us today to start the conversation.

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