Top 6 Reasons To Migrate To The Cloud

With the constant evolution of technology and new digital innovations, it can be hard for businesses across all industries to keep up with it all. In today’s landscape, if business owners want to continue to succeed and stay ahead of the competition, they must look to these new technologies and adapt alongside them.

That is not to say your business has to bring on new technology every day– but instead, stay well informed on new technologies and if beneficial enough—upgrade.  Luckily for you by partnering with a cloud migration company like AIS we keep up to date on the latest technology and the current cyber risks to keep your business moving forward.   

Before we dive into our top six reasons organizations should migrate to the cloud let’s focus on what cloud migration is. 

What is Cloud Migration?

Simply put, cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, digital assets, IT resources, and other business components from an organization’s on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud migration can also be moving your data from one cloud resource to another.  Cloud computing lets your business leave behind traditional aging physical servers and software and all the upkeep that comes with on-premise storage. 

There are many reasons your business should migrate to the cloud. Below are six benefits and reasons your organization should consider migrating to the cloud.  

1. Enhanced Security 

One of the main reasons businesses are looking to migrate to the cloud is to improve their overall cybersecurity posture. Cloud computing allows security solutions to offer security protocols to protect sensitive transactions and information, ensuring that your data is secure and meeting industry compliance standards. Cybersecurity threats are constantly innovating and changing as technology advances, so security should be a top priority for your business. 

When data and applications are stored on-premises—they are more susceptible to security breaches. These breaches can be caused by malware, viruses, or hackers.

However, when data and applications are stored in the cloud, they are much more secure. This is because cloud providers have state-of-the-art security measures in place to protect their data centers and the data of their customers. In addition—with the cloud—your business can modernize your IT infrastructure according to new security upgrades or threats.

2. Increased Collaboration

Another reason cloud migration is a good idea for your business is increased collaboration. When data and applications are stored on-premises, they can only be accessed by employees who are on the same network.

However—when data and applications are stored in the cloud—they can be accessed by employees from anywhere in the world. This increased collaboration can lead to better communication and a more productive workforce

With cloud technology, companies do not have to manage their on-site data centers. Your business can outsource your cloud needs to an IT provider for any issues and can focus that time and money on more important elements of your business.

3. Lower IT Costs

One of the biggest reasons businesses migrate to the cloud is to lower their IT costs. When data and applications are stored on-premises, businesses have to pay for the hardware, software, and maintenance.

With cloud migration, businesses only have to pay for the resources they use and can adjust whenever they need to. This can save your business a lot of money on hardware and infrastructures it doesn’t need.

4. More Scalability

Another reason to migrate to the cloud is for more scalability. When data and applications are stored on-premises, businesses have to purchase new hardware and software when they need to scale up their operations.

When data and applications are stored in the cloud, businesses can easily scale up their operations by adding more resources. Cloud solution providers are adaptable and flexible to fit your specific business needs.

5. Flexibility

In our world today—where remote work is the new normal—cloud migration helps with this transition. Cloud services make it possible for employees to continue their work affordably and securely through their virtual machines.

6. Fast Growth

We mentioned earlier that it is important to stay well informed on new technologies and if beneficial enough for your business, upgrade. With migrating to the cloud, these upgrades are easy and along with the productivity, scalability, collaboration, and increased security, your business will be in the perfect position to grow quickly. 

AIS is Cloud Solutions Provider 

Embracing cloud technology allows your business to stay ahead of the competition.  AIS is a managed service provider that specializes in cloud migration.  We provide cloud solutions that are tailored to your business goals. 

We act as your business partner and cloud consultant offering unique solutions for your company while allowing you to focus on your core competencies. 

If you are thinking about migrating your business to the cloud, reach out to our professionals who can help you with the process. We will answer your questions, assess your needs, and help you migrate in the most efficient way possible.

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