5 Signs You Need to Hire an IT Consultant

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Growing businesses need their IT infrastructure to grow with them, but as time goes on and your business progresses, it’s hard to determine when it’s time to upgrade. Luckily, there are signs that can indicate you need to upgrade the system your business runs on. In everyday work, these signs can come up without you […]

8 Signs Your Business Needs a Network Assessment

A network assessment is an in-depth analysis of all network components. An IT consultant will examine every element of your technological environment to gain a detailed picture of your IT organization and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your network. With this information, the consultant can then create and present a plan to make more […]

3 Step Process to Improve Cybersecurity


Cyber crime is an industry that is growing steadily and growing daily. These heightened threats do not just affect giant corporations; small and medium-sized businesses are equally at risk. Additionally, the costs of breaches are higher for smaller operations. As these attacks escalate, businesses of all sizes and across all industries are prioritizing cybersecurity. At […]

Fight Cybersecurity Issues With Education and Compliance Management

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Putting a cybersecurity strategy into practice requires the efforts of every member of your organization. The problem is convincing your employees of this. A recent Tech Pro Research report shows that 58% of respondents found that the most difficult aspect of implementing a cybersecurity strategy is employee compliance. This response is troubling because a risk-aware […]

Protect Your Data: Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Data is an essential component of your business. Your data is valuable, and the loss of it would be incredibly costly. In order to protect your business from such a loss—through human error, technology failure or natural disaster—it’s critical to implement a reliable backup and recovery system. AIS has the solution with our managed backup […]

Social Media in the Workplace: Establish Policies

Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for organizations and employees. It provides an important platform for networking, sharing information and managing a brand’s online presence. However, social media in the workplace can also blur the lines between the professional and personal, putting employees and organizations at risk for misuse and misconduct. The solution […]

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