Like most areas of business, the legal industry is increasingly investing in advanced technology. This means that the legal IT web is becoming increasingly tangled: most legal practices are utilizing Case Management Software, document management, email encryption, time tracking, billing contacts, case calendars and other technologies. Increased document sharing and video conferencing and increased mobile devices further complicate matters. For many law firms, their current in-house IT support is unable to keep up with this advancing technology. With the importance of client confidentiality and case management, any lapse in security or productivity can have detrimental ramifications. As a result, many law firms are moving to an outsourced model of IT management to support their growing IT infrastructures.

The Benefits of IT Managed Services


IT Managed Services can help streamline your law firm’s multi-dimensional IT infrastructure. With 3rd Party App Support, an IT company can integrate and maintain disparate business applications. This enables your firm to utilize multiple platforms and maximize data sharing capabilities safely and efficiently. With this service, your firm will operate smoother and leaner.

Managed Services offers your law firm 24/7/365 support, while saving you the time and space of maintaining that support internally. Proactive, remote monitoring and support, allows your IT company to identify and resolve any issues that occur, likely even before you are aware of them. This eliminates the inefficiencies of wasting time, waiting around for an on-site response. 24/7 support and remote monitoring, allows your firm to continue to run smoothly, unhindered by serious issues and delays.

While a full-time IT presence is expensive and often unnecessary, sometimes it can be valuable to have feet on the ground. When necessary, IT Managed Services offer on-site support to resolve issues in-person, as soon as those issues arise. This on-site support ensures that no issue will go unresolved, preserving productivity.


For law firms, security is critical. Client and case confidentiality must be maintained in the face of increased document sharing, increased devices and increased mobility. IT managed services operates proactively when it comes to security. Security systems and firewalls are constantly monitored and updated to avoid obsolescence. Ever-changing security threats are anticipated, guarded against and reported to you. Again, 24/7/365 security monitoring and support are available. In the event of a security breach, Managed Services offer a swift and organized incident response in order to contain damage and quickly recover systems. Some IT companies even offer compliance management implementation, in which they train the IT users to comply with your firm’s security policy. This creates a risk-aware culture, limits individual liabilities and allows your business to operate with mobility, adaptability and safety.


The cost of employing in-house IT professionals who provide the same level of support as an outsourced IT Managed Services company would be, quite frankly, astronomical. Furthermore, even if you assembled a team with adequate expertise and service, they would not have the resources to provide 24/7/365 support. IT Managed Services enables small to mid-sized law firms to utilize premium IT solutions at an affordable cost.

As more and more businesses transition to become advanced technology companies, consider whether your law firm could benefit from IT Managed Services. Are you dealing with significant and frequent system failures? Do you find yourself waiting for slow and inefficient applications? Does it seem that your firm is trailing behind technology and security advances? Are you unhappy with the performance and availability of your current IT support? Do you want more out of your IT services without breaking the bank? If you answered yes to any of those questions, consider moving to an outsourced IT environment and implementing IT Managed Services. Start the conversation today.

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