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Social Media in the Workplace: Establish Policies

Posted on 05/09/2018 in Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for organizations and employees. It provides an important platform for networking, sharing information and managing a brand’s online presence. However, social media in the workplace can also blur the lines between the professional and personal, putting employees and organizations at risk for misuse and misconduct. The solution to this problem is to establish clear social media policies for your business. The following are some tips for implementing a successful workplace social media policy. (more…)

Should You Delete Your Facebook?

Posted on 05/09/2018 in Social Media

This is the question that many of us are asking ourselves in light of recent events. The revelation that Cambridge Analytica, an upstart voter-profiling company, improperly accessed, stored and potentially misused data from millions of Facebook profiles without user consent has left many feeling confused, angry and insecure. The hashtag #deletefacebook was rampant on Twitter after the news broke. But is deleting facebook an effective and appropriate response to this data leak? Let’s discuss. (more…)

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