The Importance of a Flexible IT Firm

In small and medium-sized businesses, things move fast. Leaders of businesses this size know that changes occur quickly across the board and that you and your partners and vendors need to be able to react. Fast changes can spell disaster for your IT infrastructure unless you have an IT consulting firm that’s as flexible as you are. If you don’t, you may run into a situation where your consulting firm isn’t ready to help you when you need them most. 

Why is a Flexible IT Consultant Important?

You want an IT consultant that’s willing to roll with the punches just like you are. A company that’s willing to adapt and help you change directions when you need to. There’s less chance that a large IT company will be willing to help your business as much as it goes through multiple changes. It’s smart to find an IT consultancy company that’s built like you are and has a hands-on approach to solving issues and working with their clients.

Why Aren’t Large Companies as Flexible?

It’s really pretty simple. There are more moving parts in a large organization. When you have a large company with thousands of different hands and minds working together, you have to slow things down and be a little more rigid in what you’re going to do. Everyone has to be on the same page to make the moves properly and that takes time. These businesses lack the flexibility and adaptability of their small to medium-sized counterparts, and while they are larger, it doesn’t make them better. Small to medium-sized businesses are different. They have flexibility and can adapt and grow at a much faster pace because of it. These are the types of companies ($1 million to $150 million in annual sales) that AIS is best-suited to serve. It’s smart to match up with a consultant that’s on the same level as your business. This will ensure you see eye to eye and understand the importance of building an IT infrastructure that’s not only right for the business at the moment but will be ready for the changes the future will hold. At AIS, we’re invested in our client’s success. We have a hands-on approach to all of our work, our dedicated, small staff can offer a flexible approach other, larger IT firms can’t. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization adapt and grow.
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