Migrating to Office 365? 6 Ways Microsoft Consulting Services Can Help

If your company decides to implement Office 365, you’ll benefit from all the innovative and powerful features it offers. However, you’ll also need to ensure a successful migration to avoid any disruption to productivity or business operations. This is where Microsoft consulting services come in.

These consulting services can support your journey toward a successful Microsoft migration. Here’s how Microsoft consulting services can help your business thrive.

How an Improper Office 365 Migration Holds Your Business Back

Before looking into the ways Microsoft consulting services can help, it’s key to understand first what could happen if your Office 365 is not managed properly. If implemented incorrectly, you could end up in the following scenarios:

  • Incomplete Setup and Configuration: Your Office 365 suite could leave you with improper management and usage of applications.
  • Unoptimized Use: You could fail to use all the features, applications, and tools that Office 365 offers effectively.
  • Poor User Adoption: While Office 365 offers numerous tools for productivity, a bad implementation could result in users not taking advantage of them.
  • Security Risks: As employees use Office 365, the program collects data that needs protecting. A security breach could be devastating. 

Without the proper support, you risk not only the success of your Office 365 migration but also the security and productivity of your entire organization.

Why Your Business Needs Microsoft Consulting Services

When it comes to a successful Office 365 migration, Microsoft consulting services are essential. With their expertise and experience, Microsoft consultants understand how to best set up and configure Office 365 for your business and its unique needs.

Microsoft consultants provide personalized guidance to ensure you get the most out of Office 365 by offering advice on the best ways to use the applications and tools. Additionally, they’ll provide ongoing support to answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Their job is to ensure your business has a successful migration.

6 Ways Microsoft Consulting Services Help During an Office 365 Migration 

Microsoft Consulting Services can help you maximize the potential of Office 365 by providing assistance in six key areas:

1. Analyzing Your Infrastructure for Compatibility 

Consultants can evaluate your existing infrastructure to ensure compatibility with Office 365. This includes evaluating hardware, software, and network configurations to prevent any conflicts or issues that could arise during the migration process.

2. Ensuring Smooth Data Migration

If you need help with the data migration process, Microsoft consultants can help. They’ll ensure that your important files and information are securely transferred to Office 365. They can also guide how best to organize this data in the cloud platform for easy retrieval and usage.

3. Developing a Security Plan

Microsoft consultants can help you develop a comprehensive security plan that takes into account the sensitivity of your data and how to best protect it from any potential threats. They will also provide advice on policies, procedures, and settings needed to keep your information safe.

4. Advising on Licensing and Plans

These experts can also help you choose the right license and plan for your business to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. They’ll be able to recommend the best solution based on your specific needs and available budget.

5. Setting Up Automation and Integrations

Consultants can also help you set up automation and integrations to ensure that your Office 365 solution runs smoothly and efficiently. They’ll be able to advise on the best applications, tools, and settings to make sure everything is working as it should.

6. Automating Ongoing Management Tasks

Finally, Microsoft consultants can provide guidance on how to set up automated processes to manage and maintain the Office 365 setup. This will help keep your applications and tools running smoothly, while also freeing up time for other tasks.

Make Your Microsoft Migration a Success with AIS

At AIS, our experienced Microsoft consultants can help you get the most out of Office 365. With their expertise and guidance, they’ll ensure that your migration is smooth and successful. Every one of our consultants is Microsoft certified, so you can be sure that your Office 365 solution will be managed and maintained to the highest standards.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help with your Office 365 migration!

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