Is Microsoft 365 More Secure than On-Premise Email

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more advanced and difficult to detect. Phishing scams result in 90% security breaches and what’s worse is more than 70% of phishing emails are opened by employees. Email security is an essential part of any business’s IT infrastructure.

Failure to secure your emails could be disastrous and costly. Microsoft 365 offers one of the most secure email systems available and provides an array of features designed to protect users from outside threats. But many business owners wonder if their on-premise email is more secure than Microsoft 365.

By migrating from on-premise to cloud-based email you are embracing technology and empowering your business to improve collaboration, productivity, and communication securely with the powerful technology that Microsoft 365 has.  

In this article, we’ll take a look at Microsoft 365 email security and compare it to on-premise solutions so that you can make the best decision about which is right for your business if you need help making that decision AIS is your preferred IT consulting partner, and help you make IT decisions that support your business goals. 

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft 365 Email?

Microsoft 365 offers many advantages that make it a top choice for businesses looking to secure their emails and make their IT infrastructure more efficient.

1. Enterprise-Grade Security Features

Microsoft 365 comes with enterprise-grade security features, such as advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, encryption services, and identity management capabilities. Microsoft also provides easy access to emails from any device, with the ability to create customized rules and policies to help secure emails from unwanted intrusions.

2. Innovating Technology That Grows With Your Business 

Microsoft is constantly innovating and improving not only its security features but also enhancing its cloud environment.   By utilizing a cloud-based email provider like Microsoft 365 your business can grow while embracing technology.  Scheduled updates and additions that are easy to apply don’t leave room for human error in maintenance. 

3. Data Recovery and Backup Services

In the event of a natural disaster or a system failure, Microsoft 365 email comes with data recovery and backup services to help businesses recover their emails. Microsoft 365 also provides restore options, allowing users to quickly recover lost or corrupted emails. These services can help a business quickly recover from disaster and avoid downtime.

4. Threat Intelligence and Response Capabilities

Microsoft 365 email leverages advanced threat intelligence and response capabilities to help protect your emails from malicious attacks. Microsoft 365 also offers advanced security analytics that can detect threats in real time, allowing you to take swift action when necessary.

5. Cloud Security Features

Microsoft 365 has several cloud-based security features designed to strengthen your security posture. It provides automated security updates, continuous threat monitoring, and data residency controls that help keep emails and other sensitive information safe from unauthorized access.

The Pros and Cons of On-Premise Microsoft 365 Email

On-premise email systems are owned and managed by organizations, as opposed to Microsoft 365, which is run in the cloud. They tend to be more expensive than M365 and require more maintenance.

The Pros

  • Highly Customizable: Organizations have complete control over their on-premise email system, allowing them to customize it according to their specific needs.
  • Complete Control: Organizations are also in complete control over their data since it is stored on their own servers.

The Cons

  • High Cost: On-premise solutions require up-front costs for hardware and software, as well as ongoing maintenance fees.
  • Limited Scalability: On-premise email systems are not as easily scalable as Microsoft 365 email, making it difficult for organizations to increase their storage capacity or add new users.
  • Vulnerability to Attack: On-premise solutions are more vulnerable to cyber attacks since they don’t have the same level of security and threat intelligence features found in M365 email.

Strengthen the Security of Your Emails with AIS & Microsoft 365.

At AIS, we understand the importance of protecting your emails from malicious actors. We offer Microsoft 365 email solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced IT professionals will help you configure and secure your email to ensure that all your communications remain safe and secure.

If you are still on the fence about migrating to M365 give one of our cloud experts a call today to learn more about how Microsoft can not only keep your emails safe – but also help your business grow securely. 

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