What Your Business Needs to Know about Passwordless Authentication 

Passwords are not a new concept. They’ve been around since Ancient Rome, and they are still the primary form of authentication today. Unfortunately, password-based authentication can be difficult to manage and secure. However, passwordless authentication has recently become an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to strengthen their cybersecurity and accounts.

In this article, we’ll discuss passwordless authentication and how it works, as well as the benefits it can offer your business. We’ll also cover what you need to consider when implementing this type of authentication, such as security and user convenience.

What Is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless authentication eliminates password-based login processes. Instead of entering a password, users are authenticated using biometrics, like a fingerprint scan, or another form of alternative verification, such as face recognition.

This type of authentication is viewed as more secure than traditional password-based systems, because it reduces the risk of phishing and other malicious activities. In other words, it prevents hackers from using brute-hacking force to crack open accounts.

Why Would Your Business Need Passwordless Authentication if You Already Have MFA Implemented?

Although multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers added security to accounts, passwordless authentication is even more secure. MFA requires users to provide at least two pieces of information, such as a password and a one-time password code sent via email or text message. But, if a hacker can access the password, they would still be able to crack into the account.

1. It Reduces Brute-Force Hacking

On the other hand, passwordless authentication eliminates this risk entirely by using a combination of biometrics and other unique verification methods to ensure that only authorized users have access. This makes it even more secure than MFA because unless hackers have the user present, they would not be able to access any information regarding the user’s credentials.

2. It Helps Eliminate the Dangers of Login Fatigue

Additionally, password fatigue is a real issue plaguing employees. According to LastPass, the typical employee is responsible for managing 191 passwords on average. The report continues that on average, employees will begin with 20 passwords in their vault and then double that number after only three months.

Unfortunately, LastPass also notes that 61% of individuals will opt to use the same or a similar password across all sites despite being aware of how unsecured the practice of reusing passwords is. 

Passwordless authentication can help reduce password fatigue by reducing the steps users need to take during login and help reduce the number of passwords employees need to memorize.

Passwordless Authentication Improves Security, Convenience, and Usability

This type of authentication is a must-have for organizations that prioritize user security and convenience. Not only does it improve the overall security of an organization’s accounts, but it also provides users with a more user-friendly and convenient experience that eliminates additional steps in the login process.

As the cases of cybercrime increase, it’s more important than ever to secure all business accounts—every single second, cybercriminals make 1,000 attempts to hack account passwords. Investing in passwordless authentication is the best way to ensure users’ safety and security, while simultaneously providing a convenient login experience.

What Does the Process Look Like for a Business and Its Employees?

Passwordless authentication is relatively simple to implement and use. The only requirement is that the user needs to have a device capable of scanning biometric data, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Once the login is set up, all users need to do is scan their finger or face, and they will be logged into their account instantly.

This type of authentication is only the first step towards securing your accounts. It’s part of creating a strong cybersecurity strategy that keeps your business protected from cyber threats.

Secure Your Accounts with AIS

By incorporating more security tools like passwordless authentication into your cybersecurity strategy, you can create a secure environment that not only keeps unauthorized users out but also helps to protect your valuable data.

At AIS, we can help you create the perfect cybersecurity solutions that are tailored and customized to your needs. Our security tools like managed detection and response, risk and vulnerability testing, and cloud solutions can help you protect your business data and stay secure. Speak with our IT specialists today to learn how we can help strengthen your business’s cybersecurity.

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