Cloud Optimization: Becoming More Efficient

As your company grows, the best way to keep up with the ever-changing demand is via cloud computing. However, navigating the cloud isn’t always as simple as it seems. The more you rely on technology, the larger the impact a system failure can have on your business. If your company is planning on using the cloud on a large scale, you need extensive support to ensure you are using the cloud to its capacity.


At Apex Infinite Solutions, we offer proactive remote monitoring and management, to ensure your operations are running smoothly. We don’t want your company to face a massive shutdown due to technology. Our Cloud Optimization Services monitor your cloud services 24/7 and are always there for quick resolutions.


How We Optimize the Process


We know that Cloud Optimization Services aren’t just for the big dogs. We offer cloud optimization services via managed IT for both large companies and small business. By partnering with Amazon Web Services, Office 365, Dell, Scale Computing and more, we are able to offer managed services like no other.


While some companies focus solely on data, we know data alone can leave you with wasted resources. Instead, we provide you with extensive support and services to help your company leverage the power of the cloud. We offer multiple managed services solutions, including:


  • vCIO
  • A 24/7 Help Desk
  • 3rd Party App Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Resolution
  • On-Site Support


Our data team monitors your workload, to ensure the highest cloud optimization possible. We also keep your data safe with offsite backup. As mentioned previously, your data are what makes your company. If the cloud fails and you lose your data, the cost and impact can be severe. We protect your brand and reputation by managing your cloud data.


Our business continuity and reliability will quickly revive your network when systems fail. This ensures minimal downtime and minimal damage to your brand. Your emails, confidential reports, and customer data is stored in an encrypted cloud that shares your data across multiple data centers. That way, if one center fails, your data will not be lost forever.


You don’t want to wait until your system fails to optimize your cloud service. Instead, let Apex Infinite Solutions manage your data for you. The cloud is complicated and isn’t always stable. We will keep your data up and running, even if the cloud fails you.



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