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You focus on growing your business.
AIS will focus on keeping it running.

AIS proudly offers customized, innovative Managed IT solutions and support to countless businesses across Indiana and the midwest.


Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIO) work in tandem with your business to formulate and execute technological goals. We maintain and improve the efficiency, organization, and proactivity of a bussiness's IT infrastructure- at a fraction of the cost of a CIO's salary.

3rd Party App Support

With this service, AIS fully integrates and maintains the applications that are vital to your business. We connect your organization to the applications it uses every day, so employees can access multiple platforms effectively and efficiently.

Help Desk

AIS offers a faster route to tech solutions with our proactive help desk feature. When a problem arises, don't waste time on the phone with support or trying to fix the problem yourself. AIS IT pros are already monitoring your network and devices, working to find a solution.

Why work with us?

AIS knows properly harnessed technology has the ability to grow companies and maximize potential, because we see it happen every day. Managed IT services can streamline processes, increase reach, cut costs, increase productivity and more. As your business grows, AIS continues to monitor and assess how IT can support your evolving needs. When technology works in harmony with a business, the possibilities are endless.

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