We know hiring highly qualified IT candidates isn’t easy— it’s an extremely competitive market.  Your unique IT environment can be an important part of your day-to-day business, and hiring a reliable expert is crucial. With staffing services from AIS, we take the pressure off your company and allow you to gain peace of mind that your IT will be handled properly. Whether through staff augmentation, contract to hire, or working fully with AIS, we can help with many aspects of the IT staffing process.  

Staff Augmentation 

Overcome the stress of finding qualified candidates with our staffing database resources. Our staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry and in the local job markets, and can connect you with top tech and engineering talent that meets your specific needs.

Contract to Hire 

If you are in need of consultation services for your IT infrastructure but aren’t ready to hire a full-time tech candidate, Contract to Hire could be ideal for your needs. AIS could begin work for your business in a contract position, serving in a specifically defined tech or consulting role for a designated period of time. 

AIS can also connect you with the many high-quality IT professionals willing to work in a tech or consulting role on a contractual basis. This provides you with the flexibility to leverage our services to your greatest advantage and to meet the specifics of your business needs.


If you are tired of dealing with the confusion and headaches of IT services and are ready to build a permanent partnership with a company you can trust, AIS is here for you. Fully employing AIS eliminates that confusion and replaces it with confidence; AIS can assume the responsibility of IT and allow you to focus on growing the business. As a permanent employee, AIS serves as an extension of your business, a CIO that you can trust enough to make changes to increase efficiency. This relationship truly allows you to get the most from our services. 

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