Beat the Hackers to It, Hack Your Own Network

At AIS, we help companies understand their networks and protect themselves from security breaches by hackers who are after sensitive information.

Our free network penetration assessment closely simulates a real world hack so that we can determine your network’s vulnerabilities and guard against them to prevent an actual breach from occurring. During a network penetration test, a security engineer will first scan your network and attempt to gain access, through a variety of methods, to sensitive information, as a real hacker would. The engineer will leave markers to show exactly how he or she was able to gain access so that these points of entry can be strengthened and protected against real security breaches.

Once the assessment has been completed, a full report will detail the results and help to determine a plan of action for strengthening your network so that no other hackers, benign or otherwise, will be able to gain access.

Understand and eliminate your vulnerabilities to protect your network from possible breaches with AIS’s Free Network Penetration Assessment.

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Beat the Hackers to It, Hack Your Own Network

Free Network Penetration Assessment