Using the AIS Security Framework, we provide an in-depth assessment of the maturity and associated risks of your company’s IT infrastructure and environment. We examine a networks unique architecture, operations, culture and threat landscape. Through this we are able to Identify measures to manage and mitigate risk, and align your business objectives and risks to a customizable security strategy.

Benefits of Security Program & Risk Analysis:

  • Identifies measures to manage and mitigate risk
  • Aligns business objectives and risks to security strategy.
  • Defines action plans and justifies increased security investment.
  • Examines the organization’s unique environment, architecture, operations, culture and threat landscape.

Spear-Phishing: Through customized simulated phishing engagements, we test end-users in order to identify and evaluate potential risks posed by the human element. If a risk is detected, remediation guidance is provided. AIS can provide tips and resources mitigate the risk of Phishing attacks to be implemented into security awareness programs.

Benefits of Spear-Phishing:

  • Validates security awareness training program effectiveness
  • Identifies employees of greatest risk
  • Satisfies regulatory requirements
  • Prioritizes areas of remediation

Vulnerability Assessment: With this assessment, we scan your company’s network or system, internally and externally, to discover its weaknesses. Our security experts then analyze the results and prioritize problems by severity, followed up by remediation guidance.

Benefits of Vulnerability assessment:

  • Catches low-hanging fruit
  • Validates patching/hardening program
  • Establishes a security baseline
  • Identifies known, surface-level security issues and misconfigurations

Penetration Test: Our penetration test simulates the actions of an external and/or internal attacker. Using the latest tactics, techniques and procedures, we attempt to infiltrate and exploit systems and gain access to data. We then provide exercise results, identifying systemic weaknesses with areas of remediation ranked by criticality.

Benefits of Penetration Test:

  • Simulates threats including pivoting and post exploitation
  • Validates internal and/or external security controls
  • Identifies areas of greatest risk and remediation
  • Satisfies compliance needs, including HIPAA, SEC, NYCRR, PCI 3.x.


AIS Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention (RAMP) continuously identifies blind spots, builds a strategy around risk and operationalizes capabilities to predict and prevent known threats. Through our Cyber security assessments and managed security services, your security function is able to measure success over time and becomes adaptable to business performance drivers and the evolving threat landscape, without increased risk or gaps in compliance mandates.

Our Process:

Identify- We test your defenses and illuminate blind spots to determine areas of risk.

Build- Establishing your baseline, we’ll build a strategy and define your security plan.

Measure- We constantly refine your approach by assessing progress and reevaluating defenses often. 

Protect- Our Goal is to prevent what you can and to detect what you can’t, then execute a strategic and swift response.


AIS provides the services of Virtual Chief Information Officers (VCIOs) to improve your business’s IT operations and assist with executing IT strategies, at a fraction of the cost.

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