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AIS “Footprint” Change & Business Growth Excitement

We are proud to share that the Apex Infinite Solution’s office has changed locations. As of October 15, 2018 our new home is conveniently located on Meridian St. We’ve included the address below for your convenience: 8801 N Meridian St #209 Indianapolis, IN 46260 317-820-2497 

The Importance of a Flexible IT Firm

In small and medium-sized businesses, things move fast. Leaders of businesses this size know that changes occur quickly across the board and that you and your partners and vendors need to be able to react. Fast changes can spell disaster for your IT infrastructure unless you have an IT consulting firm that’s as flexible as…

Why You Should Have a Cyber Incident Response Plan

The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly shifting. Businesses must continually evolve security strategies in order to guard against targeted hacking and insider data breaches. However, you cannot rely on prevention alone. The unfortunate reality is that, even with the best preventative security measures in place, organizations should anticipate some kind of breach occurring at some time. Rather than relying solely on preemptive security—and then scrambling when a breach occurs—it is imperative to create a strong cyber incident response plan so that your business is prepared for any security issues.

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