Don't Leave Your Company's Data at Risk

A cyber attack could strike at any moment, Cybersecurity services from AIS will make sure you're prepared.

We asses risk at every level and protect valuable data from the unwanted and the unknown.

Security Program Maturity and Risk Analysis

Using the AIS Security Framework, we provide an in depth assessment of the maturity and associated risks of your company's IT infrastructure and environment.


Through customized simulated phishing engagements, we test end-users in order to identify and evaluate potential risks posed by the human element. If a risk is detected, remediation guidance is provided.

Vulnerability Assessment

With this assessment, we scan your company's network or system, internally and externally, to discover its weaknesses. Our security experts then analyze the results and prioritize problems by severity, followed up by remediation guidance.

Penetration Test

Our penetration test simulates the actions of a real hacker, attempting to infiltrate and exploit your systems and gain access to data. Through this, we are able to identify systematic weaknesses with areas of remediation ranked by critically.

Why work with us?

Unlike other IT companies, AIS analyzes the bigger picture of security. We evaluate your company’s vulnerability to a multitude of threats instead of just one. What you are left with is a holistic view of your network's security, a plan to move forward, and a trusted partner to help every step of the way. Cyberspace is a large and complex battlefield, but you don't have to navigate it alone. Learn how Cybersecurity from AIS can serve your business.

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