Firewall-as-a-service delivers the same protections as a traditional firewall but it does so through the cloud. Because of this, your firewall is available at all locations and on all devices. With firewall-as-a-service, your firewall is a virtual barrier rather than a physical appliance, offering unparalleled flexibility and protection.

Advantages of Firewall-As-A-Service:

  • Supports your mobile workforce
  • Eliminates appliance-related costs
  • One application-aware security policy for your entire organization
  • Improved end-user experience
  • Flexible, scalable, cost-effective and comprehensive

AIS takes a proactive stance on IT security. Rather than using a “set it and forget it” approach, AIS treats your firewall as an operational service. Even with cloud-based security, firewalls require regular evaluating and upgrading to avoid obsolescence and stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve. AIS protects you from ever-changing security threats and help your firewall adapt and improve with your business.

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AIS provides the services of Virtual Chief Information Officers (VCIOs) to improve your business’s IT operations and assist with executing IT strategies, at a fraction of the cost.

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