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About AIS

AIS is a proactive IT Consulting, Strategy and Security company specializing in strategic solutions that help companies leverage technology to achieve business goals. Based in Indianapolis, AIS was created after recognizing an increased demand for more personalized IT. The AIS team works with you every step of the way, collaborating to pinpoint the real issues that are holding your company back. And walk you through the innovative solutions created specifically to meet your companies needs. In a world where technology moves faster every day, you can trust AIS to help you slow it down without missing a beat.

How IT Helps Businesses Grow

AIS knows properly harnessed technology has the ability to grow companies and maximize potential– because we see it happen every day. Managed IT services can simplify communication with employees and customers, streamline processes, increase reach, cut costs, increase productivity and more. Once our innovative solutions are implemented, we don’t stop there. As your business grows, AIS continues to monitor and assess how IT can support your evolving needs. When technology works in harmony with a business, the possibilities are endless.

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“We have found AIS to be a dependable partner that fully understands what our needs & challenges are today and where we need to go in the future. Their facilitation of network upgrades and backup systems has made our infrastructure more reliable and as a result, our people are more productive.”

Steve F.

Boston, MA

AIS truly has the customers best interest in mind when it comes to the functionality of their computer systems, and make timely recommendations for improving the overall health of the computer network.”

Jim P. Indianapolis, IN

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